Viva kizomba Congress  Amsterdam 2020

From 10 to 14 sept 2020


You were more than 2800 dancers from all over the world to enjoy the 3nd edition, what are you going to do for the 4th and African edition of 2020 with many people who will come directly from Africa to celebrate with us in Amsterdam?

The fourth edition of Viva Kizomba Congress Amsterdam is being held in the same amazing venue as the previous three editions: the luxury Hotel van der Valk Schiphol A4. The venue is 15 minutes from Schiphol airport and only 13 minutes from the centre of Amsterdam.
Hotel, pre party, parties till 6am, after till 11am, socials and workshops will all be in this hotel!

Viva offers you:
● Two large dance rooms (kizomba/Semba and Urban kiz)
● 1 Pre party (Wednesday, @ the venue, 10pm till tired 5, 6 or 7am)
● More than 50 hours workshops
● 4 Socials (3pm till 8pm)
● 4 Parties (11pm till 6am)
● 4 Afterparties (6am till 11am)


Summary Informations

Location: Brussels Town: Brussels Date: 10 to 14 Sept 2020
Pré-party: 1 Parties : 4
Social Room : yes
Workshops: 50H Type: Festivals Shuttle : No
Year built: 2017 Style: Urbankiz Kizomba Semba

Adress : Hotel Nivelles-Sud Van der Valk

Gps data : 50.5885599,4.3050385

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Additional information

Pass Type

Full Pass Men, Full Pass Women, Hotel Breakfast Full Pass 3nights 2P, Hotel Breakfast Full Pass 4nights 2P, Hotel Breakfast Full Pass 4nights 3P, Hotel Breakfast Full Pass 5nights 2P, Hotel Breakfast Full Pass 5nights 3P