Russian Kizomba Festival 2020

From 27 February to 3 March 2020

 All the event will take place at the main hotel

🏠 Main Hotel – Art Hotel Moscow Voikovskaya
Dear friends! We are pleased to announce the venue of our festival in 2020 – Art Hotel Moscow Voikovskaya.
This is a modern and completely new hotel of the European level (open since April 2018) located not far from the city center.

Hotel Booking :
The hostel room is designed for 8 people, each room has its own bathroom and toilet.
Also you have an opportunity to order lunches and dinners (buffet), the cost of one lunch or dinner is 600 rubles (approx. €8)You can choose one of the options to book a room:
1. Via the hotel website by filling out the online forum : Book Here
When booking, please, choose Hotel Art Moscow from the unfolding menu and enter promo code RKF2020
2. Via the booking department by sending a request with your data to:,
In your e-mail please indicate the name of the hotel Art Moscow and promo code RKF2020
Online reservation Art Family Moscow Hotel, Moscow – Official Site Book Here

Summary Informations

Location: Russia Town: Moscow Date: 27 to 3 Mar 2020
Pré-party: 1 Parties : 3 Social Room : yes
Workshops: 15H Type: All In one Shuttle : No
Year built: 2019 Style: Urbankiz Kizomba Semba

Adress : Art Hotel Moscow Voikovskaya

Адрес: Ulitsa Kosmonavta Volkova Строение 6А, Москва, 127299

Gps data : 55.815296,37.5105464

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Additional information

Pass Type

All Acces Man, All Access Female, Deluxe twin Room, Full Pass Couple


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