Kizz Me More Poland 2021

From 7 to 13 July  2021

 All in One Hotel Venue
You were more than 1400 dancers from all over the world to enjoy the 4th edition in WARSAW, How many will you be to celebrate the 5th Edition? WHY SHOULD YOU COME? Ask your friends and they will tell you 😉

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Summary Informations

Location: Poland Town: Warsaw Date: 7 to 13 July 2021
Pré-party: no Parties : 5 Social Room : yes
Workshops: 30H Type: Festivals Shuttle : No
Year built: 2016 Style: Urbankiz Kizomba Tarraxinha

Adress : Novotel Warszawa Airport
UL. 1 Sierpnia 1, 02-134 Ochota, Warszawa

Gps data : 52.191262,20.9778712

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Additional information

Pass Type

Full Pass 4 days Men, Full Pass 4 days Women, Full Pass 5 days Men, Full Pass 5 days Women