Global Tarraxo Festival Paris 2020

From 5 To 9  November 2020

 Gwany and Suave are happy to announce the First edition of Global Tarraxo Festival at Paris happening November 5-6-7-8.

Be ready for the very second Tarraxo festival of the world and a first edition like no other!
There will be all sorts of styles such as Urban Kiz, Douceur, and off course a lot of Tarraxo!

2 Room
Room 1 : Tarraxo, Urban kiz, Afro
Room 2 : Douceur, Kompa

You don’t want to miss out on this crazy 1st edition in the beautiful city of Paris!!

✔ What are we offering you?! Take a look!!

Summary Informations

Location: France Town: Paris Date: 5 to 9 Nov 2020
Pré-party: 1 Parties : 3
Social Room : yes
Workshops: 20H Type: All in One Shuttle : No
Year built: 2020 Style: Tarraxo Urbankiz

Adress : Coming Soon

Gps data :

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Additional information

Pass Type

Full Pass Couple, Full Pass Men, Full Pass Women